Dormitory Application

Information about dormitory accommodation for Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders in the academic year of 2022/2023

In the academic year of 2022/2023 the Dormitory Board of the University of Debrecen will provide the following dormitory possibilities for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship holders: József Borsos Dormitory, Campus Hotel, Lajos Kossuth III. Dormitory, Lajos Markusovszky III. Dormitory, Sportdormitory, Péter Veres Dormitory.

Stipendium Hungaricum students have the opportunity to apply for the dormitory through a Google Form. They will have to state the order of their choice. The dormitory application period starts from 10:00AM (CEST) 20th June 2022. (Monday) The deadline of application is 12:00PM (CEST) 24th June, 2022 (Friday).

Link of the Dormitory application: DORMITORY APPLICATION FORM


The procedure for ranking dormitory places is as follows:

The maximum total number of points that can be awarded for academic, professional and public activities and for the Hungarian language examination is 200. The composition of this total is as follows:

  • 60 %, i.e. a maximum of 120 points, may be awarded for the study average

  • 20 %, i.e. a maximum of 40 points, may be awarded for other professional work (TDK, etc.)

  • 10 %, i.e. a maximum of 20 points, may be awarded for public activities

  • 10 %, i.e. a maximum of 20 points, may be awarded for the language examination certificate in Hungarian

Calculation of the number of points to be awarded on the basis of your study average

From the GPA of the last two completed semesters, we calculate the student's study points using a central formula (the formula also takes into account the average, the level of education), and then we take the arithmetic mean of the scores of the two semesters.

Evaluation of professional work

1) 20 points for the TDK thesis presented at the National Scientific Student Conferences (OTDK) in the academic year of admission to the college, awarded a special prize, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and accompanied by a copy of the diploma

2) For a demonstration assignment carried out in the academic year of admission to the college, accompanied by a copy of the assignment: 10 points

3) 10 points for a professional publication published exclusively in a journal or in a single volume not more than 2 years before the year of admission to the college or accepted for publication by the editorial board, with full reference (title of journal, title of work, year, number, page) and a (photocopy) of the title page of the published work

4) 10 points for participation in the OTDK in the academic year of admission to the college, if not successful, on submission of a copy of the certificate of participation

5) Nominated for the OTDK and certified by the faculty TDK responsible (but no OTDK in that year): 5 points

6) For participation in the University of Debrecen's Talent Management Programme, if a copy of the diploma is submitted: 10 points

7) For the University of Debrecen sports scholarship in the category "University quality sports" for students who have been awarded the scholarship in the academic year of admission to the University of Debrecen, 20 points, if a copy of the certificate certifying the award is enclosed

Evaluation of the community activity

1) Members of the Dormitory Committee with a valid mandate will be admitted to the dormitory without a selection procedure.

2) The President and Vice President of the Students' Union and the President of the Faculty Students' Union for the academic year in question shall be awarded: 30 points

3) 25 points for the Secretary of the Dormitory Committee for the academic year in question

4) For the activities of a member of the Student Council, a member of the Faculty Council or a member of the Dormitory Committee in the previous term, based on the recommendation of the Dormitory Committees or the Faculty Student Council and the decision of the Student Council: 1 - 20 points

5) For the student representative of the institute, departmental group, departmental council, on the basis of a list drawn up in advance by the HÖK: 1 - 5 points

6) On the basis of a list drawn up in advance by the dormitory committees, a student who has carried out community activities in a college may be awarded: 1 - 15 points

The number of students rewarded in this way by each dormitory committee may not exceed 3% of the student places in the college in question.

7) No points may be awarded for church or political activities.

Evaluation of the language examination certificate in Hungarian

1) The following points shall be awarded for the Hungarian language examination only if a copy of the state-recognised language examination certificate passed in Hungary is attached:

  • 5 points for a basic level A1 and A2 language examination

  • 10 points for a basic B1 level examination

  • One intermediate level B2: 15 points

  • For one C1 or C2 level examination at the upper level: 20 points

Finally, the student's grade point average, professional work and public activity and Hungarian language exam scores are added to give the student's performance score.

Students are then ranked according to their performance scores in each dormitory to which they have applied. Students are admitted from the dormitories where they have first reached the cut-off point for college placement. Therefore, the order of the colleges is of paramount importance and cannot be changed afterwards.

PhD scholarship holders will get admitted to their first preference.

Decision about applications will be carried out on the 30th of June. We will inform every student about the decision on the 1st of July.

The most important dormitory issues of the academic year of 2022/2023 are the followings:

The students can decide whether the dormitory is appropriate for them up to 15 days after moving in. If they decide to stay, they have to pay the dormitory fee for every month of the rest of the term. The 15 day grace period only applies to students who move in until 15th September. Those who move in later, will have less time to give a notification and they need to decide and to move out at the end of September the latest. If someone moves in after September, he/she has to pay the dormitory fee for the full term, no probation period is given in this case.

The dormitory placement is for the full academic year, which consists of 10 months.

Moving from one dormitory to another can only be performed with the special permission of the head of dormitory (or the person entitled in charge).

The student admitted to the dormitory has to pay a cultural contribution (6,000 HUF) through the Neptun system, with which they contribute to the cost of programmes organized in the dormitory and can participate in them for free. Also, they are to pay a sum of 6,000 HUF to cover the cost of any necessary fixing and damage (e.g. replacement of broken washbasin, fixing a microwave, or replacing it, etc.) or whitewash. These amounts need to be paid only once a year by the student, it is not covered by the scholarship. The payment deadline is the 8th day after moving in

The dormitory fee in case of the mentioned dormitories with three bed room placements will be covered by the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for the scholarship students, so the accommodation support will be transferred to the dormitories and the students do not need to pay any extra apart from the above mentioned items.

The student has to reimburse any damage caused according to the damage fee chart given to them at the time of moving in.

The student can move in the dormitory only in case they accept the conditions, rules and regulations for fire and labour safety, IT rules and guest hosting rules.