Lajos Markusovszky Dormitory III.

What to know about summer dormitory

The examination period for the spring semester of the 2022/23 academic year will last until 14 July 2023 in some faculties, so students who have exams after 1 July can apply for halls of residence for this period. We can provide accommodation for students staying for this reason at a rate of 1.500 HUF/person/night. These accommodation requirements for the period of the exam and for the month of July-August must be made by 21 June 2023 (Wednesday) by completing the application form at the following link:

The dormitory fee must be paid in Neptun by the due date, and the accommodation fee by the first day of each month concerned, in cash, at the reception.

Summer dormitory is available in the following dormitory:


Lajos Markusovszky Dormitory III.

dormitory fee**

accommodation fee***

room price for 1 person

70.000 HUF

120.000 HUF

room price for 2 persons

60.000 HUF

80.000 HUF

room price for 3 persons

40.000 HUF

70.000 HUF

** A student who uses the dormitory for an internship, a language course for a degree, a summer scholarship or a mid-year course must pay a hall fee and provide proof of this.

*** Accommodation fees are payable by students who are not staying in halls of residence for an internship, a language course for a degree or a summer scholarship.

Only students taking examinations and final examinations can pay a daily dormitory fee (1200 HUF), everyone else has to pay at least one week's fee for the duration of their stay.

For stays of less than one month without compulsory examinations, the student has the option to pay a half-monthly fee, which is calculated from the monthly fee. Half-monthly fees are payable if the student requires accommodation for a maximum of 1 to 14 nights. A minimum half-monthly fee is payable for each residence started.

Both in the July weeks of the examination period and for students staying in the summer (July, August), the dormitory administrator will assign the room to which you are obliged to move in or out. Due to cleaning and maintenance work, you may be required to move house(s) during the summer.

Required certificates:

  • If you request a place in a hall of residence for study purposes:
    • compulsory work placements, in the case of dual training:

a signed and stamped certificate issued by the host organisation, containing the student's name, Neptun code and basic details of the host organisation.

  • - For dormitory accommodation requested for work purposes:

An employer's certificate must be submitted, which must include the name of the employer, the place of business, the location of the employer and the duration of employment, along with the student's details (name, mother's name, place and date of birth).

For more information, please contact the dormitory teacher,

Mrs. Viktória Nagy-Szűcs (e-mail:; Phone: +3652411717 Sides: 72472

Debrecen, 1 June 2023.

                                                                                                   PhD. Imre Csiszár


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